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Purpose. Design. Thrive.

Design, for your success … it’s what we do. Our goal is to strategically design solutions that help you achieve your goals, to design a plan with purpose, to pinpoint your chosen direction. We work with you in all matters of design to serve your needs to be disruptive and create lasting change. With experience in government, non-profit, for-profit and the entrepreneurial space, we can meet you where you are. Our suite of services includes and is not limited to: advertising, branding, professional development & coaching, public speaking engagements, diversity & inclusion training, and lean/change management methodology training. Our goal, as it is yours, is to pinpoint your purpose and make it so!

Human Capital and Strategy Solutions Consulting

Strategic leadership coaching, management & diversity coaching and public speaking. Also expertise to help you in process improvement, change management and employee growth & engagement. 


Our media team will strategically place your ads in the right places traditionally, online or non-traditionally. 


Our unique Multi-Cultural agency model allows for us to engage the general, Hispanic and African American markets.


Media tours, image damage control, social engagement are just a few of the areas we can engage your company. 


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Julio Maldonado, Operations Designer

Julio Maldonado is a native of Milwaukee, and a perpetual community builder, and he is an entrepreneur and steadfast advocate for the empowerment and development of those around him.

Mr. Maldonado leverages his 20 years of experience in web based marketing, advertising, design and public relations to effectively guide the needs of clients.  His experience and knowledge also includes 17 years of solid community organizing within multicultural communities, and extensive experience in coalition building in the Greater Milwaukee Area. His ability to lead complex projects at all levels is evident in his goal driven, results-oriented approach. He is well recognized in the community as a leading voice and experienced individual in the business development, entrepreneur and civic engagement industry.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology at UW-Milwaukee, and is a proud parent who, with his wife, Samantha, has two children, Solana (5) and Sebastian (3), and, very importantly, a dog named Penny.

Samantha Maldonado, Discerning Designer

Samantha Maldonado is an agile, organizational leader with proven success in creating and executing vision to sustain a strong culture focused on transformational change, innovation, and measurable and scalable business results. She does this through strategic leadership, purposeful development of those she serves and empathy. She has a demonstrated ability to solve complex business challenges through strong communication skills to lead teams of collaborative, diverse professionals focused on improving client satisfaction, engagement and profitability. She is exceptionally talented at simplifying complexity, resulting in demonstrated success creating and executing impactful strategies. She has enabled positive change within department functions by cultivating an atmosphere dedicated to fostering relationships, organizational acuity and thoughtful action toward embracing change and ambiguity.

Samantha is a decisive problem solver with remarkable communication skills and a history of motivating teams to high achievement through periods of substantial change, and a leader with proven expertise acquiring, developing and retaining top-tier talent. She has a proven track record of demonstrating a growth mindset with all levels of leadership across the organization to lead, direct, negotiate and influence long-range goals, continuous improvement and interpret business strategy into actionable plans. She has been recognized in her abilities to establish a foundation for collaborative work across all verticals with the goal of enhancing client satisfaction and profitability through technology and client centered efforts.

Lynn Petrie, Business Development Designer

Lynn is a results-driven and award-winning branding, marketing and community relations executive with over 25 years of experience focused to exceed expectations and deliver a remarkable experience. She is a talented event planner with an in-depth understanding about how to effectively create and lead an integrated strategic campaign. Her areas of expertise include and are not limited to the identification of target audiences, implementing and measuring scalable outcomes. She was previously the owner of a successful advertising agency, L.A. Advertising and Design, Inc. for 17 years that specialized in the marketing and promotion of not for profit organizations which also led to her effectiveness as an executive director of RedLine Milwaukee, a local non-profit organization.

Lynn is a graduate of Alverno College with bachelor’s degree in both Business Administration and Communications.

Santiago Chavez, Content Marketing Designer

Santiago Chavez is a self-taught, formally educated and certified marketing professional with a focus on local businesses. Santiago realized the growing impact of social media on the success of business and sought to fill a need in partnering with local business to positively build their brand for improved engagement and opportunity. He was drawn to marketing as a means to learn how to market himself to the community when he pursues his life’s passion of becoming a doctor. He is a community steward and mission driven community stakeholder. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison with a degree in Biology.

Jesus Corona, Social Media Designer

Jesús Corona, is a marketing practitioner who is self-taught and formally educated. He proactively stays on top of trends in the evolving marketing space and as such is considered an expert in social media marketing. His specialty is focusing on the use of social networks and related strategies to convert social media presence into sales and increased exposure for businesses. He is passionate about seeing the impact of his work and that of his business partner in helping businesses to thrive in an on-demand, ever changing landscape of options. He has been lauded as being creative, innovative and tapped into the psyche of the target market.

Victor Paredes, Bilingual Copy Designer

Victor Paredes, a Mexican native has been an avid Milwaukee advocate and community steward since he came to Milwaukee in 2006. He focuses his passions in working with the Latino community around legal immigration and translation services as a key member at the law office of Layde and Parra S.C. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cardinal Stritch University, an Associate Degree in Marketing and has 10 years of experience working for organizations that provide immigration legal services. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.


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